Going for Peru trails: 6 Essentials


Peru’s Inca trails that go through the Sacred Valley until you reach Machu Picchu is listed as one of the things you must to do in life. The beautiful scenery, cold and uncomfortable nights sleeping on the ground, emerald peaks and sunrise in the mountains at dawn, terraced ruins of ancient civilizations are some of the things you will experience and thank yourself for going in the trip for.

But planning for a trip can be troublesome and while check lists are something tedious, it can save you a lot of trouble especially when going out of your comfort country. Some of the main things you need to think about are the agency, things to take on the trip, medications and a hiking water purifier.

1. Trekking agency

Be very careful and extra cautious when picking an agency to help you with the trek and sometimes accompany you on the trek. Go check out several agencies months beforehand and research loads, find someone been there before and make sure you understand what you are getting into and reserve your booking months beforehand.

2. Sleeping bags

One of the heaviest things in a backpack is the sleeping bag but in case of the Inca trails, it gets cold in the night no matter what time of the year you are going at so go for a insulated one. Layers of clothing are good for mornings too so buy some lightweight sweaters and windbreakers.

3. Clothes

Hiking is one of the times in life where going for comfortable more than stylish is the best bet for you to keep your life. Buy trekking and hiking pants, leggings or yoga pants, some tees and shirts you are comfortable in, sweaters and a waterproof jacket. Take some clothes you will not be sad about disposing and keep a clean set of clothes for the final day of the trek for the subsequent photoshoot.

4. Shoes

Buy those hiking boots or go for your most comfortable but relatively new pair of trainers. Make sure to break in the shoes before going on the hike if you are buying brand new. Take extra socks just in case and some shoe scents if possible.

5. Medication and cash

If you have never been in high ground before, then go for some altitude sickness medications, motion sickness medications for the flight and jeeps and the essentials of a first aid kit. Peruvian currency is easier for you to buy things on the mountain’s small shops that do not have credit card machines or foreign currency exchangers. Peruvian currency is best for the tipping process as well.

6. Portable water purifier

While access to water is present throughout the trail sometimes it is best to be careful of where the water is coming from especially in the mountain. Carrying around a hiking water purifier can save you the problem of any diseases or consequent bladder issues.

The Inca trails of Peru is a gorgeous way for you to figure out what life can give and also give you plenty of exercising sans the ugliness of the gym.

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